Imaging and geodesy

Imaging and geodesy

Imaging and geodesy: state-of-the-art geomatic solutions for monitoring and inspection

BIM model, 3D rendering, laser scanners, Lidar…words that take on their full meaning with the tools and equipment we have available to support our customers in the digitization of their infrastructures.  
Available equipment :
        • 3D laser scanners
        • Mobile Mapping System
        • Drones
        • Twin-engine aircraft and other aircraft models
        • Digital cameras

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Monitoring Cementys prise de vue aérienne Lidar

Aerial photography and Lidar

Our teams and experts produce digital terrain models, digital surface models and derived cartographic products based on
      • HD geometric and radiometric images produced with digital aerial cameras.
      • High performance Lidars producing 3D point clouds

Acquisitions by Drone

We have a wide range of drones equipped with photo sensors ( RGB or multi-show), video, thermal or Lidar Applications :
        • Buildings and Heritage
        • Photogrammetry and cartography
        • Cubature calculation
        • IN & OUT inspections
        • Thermodynamic inspection
        • Precision agriculture
Cementys monitoring Mobile Mapping System
Mobile technologies

Mobile Mapping System

The Mobile Mapping System allows for precision measurements and inspections. The combination of high-precision Lidar sensors with GPS navigation datas is suitable for many applications and multiple deliverables are possible:
      • Intensity point clouds in *.Las format
      • CAD or GIS oriented topographic maps
      • 360° panoramic photos
      • Pavement geometry plan
      • Asset Management