Dams ans Levees

Dams and levees

Monitoring of your hydraulic structures (dam, dike, etc.)

Cementys offers innovative and sustainable solutions for the monitoring and expertise of aging hydraulic structures in their environment.


      • Precise geodetic and topographic measurements for monitoring deformation of structures and the surrounding environment :

        • INSAR, GNSS, Total Stations (manual measurement campaigns or automated monitoring), Leveling, Terrestrial radar, Photogrammetry, 3D scanner, bathymetric survey.
      • Automated monitoring systems specially designed for hydraulic works :
        • Drowning or facing extensometers, flowmeters, piezometers and pore pressure cells, total pressure cells, direct and reverse pendulums, multi-point extensometers and inclinometers in drilling, facing tiltmeters, vinchon and fissurometers, pressure cell, hydraulic tassometer, etc.
        • Robust and durable acquisition centers.
        • Vibrating strings, optical fibers, and electronic technologies.
      • Automated monitoring systems for monitoring environmental parameters :
        • Weather stations (solar radiation, wind speed, rainfall, air temperature, etc.), level gauges, temperature gauges, etc.
      • Distributed measurement systems (temperature, deformation and acoustics) by optical fibers for monitoring dikes and dams :
        • DTS, DSS and DAS.
        • Geo-Detection of leaks and landslides.
      • Geotechnical and géophysical investigations :
        • Drilling for laying geotechnical instruments.
        • Core or destructive drilling with recording of parameters.
        • In-situ geotechnical and hydrological tests (pressuremeter, penetrometer, dilatometer, Lugeon, Lefranc, Micro-reel, etc.).
        • Study of water and soil pollution.
        • Laboratory tests on samples.
        • Geophysical measurements (georadar, parallel seismic, electrical panel, etc.).
      • Concrete expertise (diagnosis of pathologies, measurement of sustainability indicators, in situ stress measurement on dams, mechanical and chemical tests in the laboratory).
      • In-depth Technical Visits and underwater inspections.
      • Data management and interpretation :
        • Data storage and visualization web platform with GIS.
        • BIM or EF digital model (digital twin) with auscultation data taken into account.
        • Cell of data managers specialized in dams.
        • Statistical analysis of monitoring data (HST, Delay effects, Machine Learning, etc).
        • Risk mapping tool for a fleet of hydraulic structures.
        • Predictive or conditional maintenance models and decision support algorithms.
      • Assistance to the Contracting Authority (monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, work scheduling).
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