Hydracap® humidity and temperature sensor


Temperature and humidity sensor

HydraCap capteur de température et humidité mesures atmosphétiques

A sensor for atmospheric or concrete measurements

The Cementys Hydracap measures temperature and humidity. This measurement can be performed in the atmosphere or in concrete thanks to a cap specially designed for this type of application.

The temperature and humidity measurement is made by an electronic chip attached to the end of the sensor, which is protected by a filter or a special cap for concrete.

This chip can be easily replaced on-site in case of failure or for recalibration.

For atmospheric measurements, a shelter can be installed to protect the sensor from rain and UV light, which can damage it.


      • Weather station
      • Atmospheric temperature and humidity measurement.
      • Temperature and humidity measurement in concrete.

Concerned Structures

Pont Cementys infrastructure monitoring auscultation