Historical Monuments contract renewal with Cementys

Historical Monuments : “Eglise des Grands-Carmes” in Marseille monitoring


Surveillance Cementys église Carmes Marseille
Monitoring Cementys église des Carmes

Contract Renewal with Cementys

Further the contract renewal in November 2019, CEMENTYS’ work on this building consists in monitoring the evolution of the disorders that appeared over the last years on this building, which was first built at the beginning of the XVII century.

For this purpose, sensors have been installed to monitor the evolution over time of cracks and wall inclinations.

This installation will be completed by three new sensors that will provide better information on the pathology of the disorders observed.

The monitoring carried out by CEMENTYS, as well as the reports made by its engineers, will give the contracting authority, in association with the historic monuments architects , the possibility to find a solution that will enable the reinforcement work to be carried out.

Monitoring Cementys