FabryLux ®


Fiber optic acoustic sensor

FabryLux capteur acoustique à fibre optique Cementys monitoring

Measurement of acoustic waves by interferometry

The Fabrylux® acoustic sensor is designed to perform measurements in explosive environments (ATEX), cryogenic environments or environments subject to electromagnetic disturbances (lightning, high voltage, parasites).

The measuring element, capable of detecting acoustic waves, is based on an interferometric measurement from a Fabry-Perot type cavity. This feature makes the sensor particularly sensitive and small in size.

The fiber optic transmission technology makes the Fabrylux® a simple to use sensor that can tolerate several kilometers of cable without affecting the signal’s quality.

This sensor is distinguished by its high accuracy, ease of installation and small footprint. It can be used with an optional BraggLogger® optical interrogator supplied by Cementys.


      • Vibration monitoring (railway switches, industrial infrastructures, anomaly detection, etc.).

      • Integrity control of structures in explosive environments (LNG storage, gas pipes, offshore platforms, etc.).

      • Aerospace safety.


Concerned Environnements

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