Expertise and diagnosis

Expertise and diagnosis

Cementys assesses the state of health (aging) of Civil Engineering structures and infrastructure (reinforced concrete, metal structures, etc.).

By establishing an accurate diagnosis of the state of health of your structures, Cementys supports you in planning your maintenance operations and managing risk.
The expertise and diagnosis offered by Cementys allow you to :
      • Better understand your structure (characterization by tests, measurements from Cementys instrumentation and diagnostics)
      • Make decisions to ensure the sustainability of your structure
Cementys Vietnam surveillance pont
Cementys Diagnostic expertise
Expertise et diagnostic Cementys
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Detailed inspection of bridges according to IQOA

Judicial expertise

 Roissy Charles de Gaulle terminal

 Inspection and diagnosis of maritime structures

 Monitoring of nuclear facilities (BNI) 

Regulatory inspection of dams 

Diagnosis of underground galleries 

Diagnosis of concrete pathologies

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