Environmental monitoring of the European Parliament in Luxembourg

Cementys Parlement Européen Luxembourg

Acoustic and vibration monitoring of the European Parliament in Luxembourg

25th february 2021

Project: European Parliament’s building extension and renovation

Location : Luxembourg

Type of monitoring: Acoustic and vibratory

Collaboration : SOCOTEC Luxembourg construction teams

Project’s goals:

KAD project resides in the European Parliament Headquarters extension and the renovation of its existing structure.

In total, 3000 people working in the parliament and nearby residents are likely to be exposed to important sound levels coming from the construction site. Acoustic monitoring, following in real-time those sound levels is, therefore, necessary and will allow adapting the construction site to its surroundings.

In this case, we have determined 10 class-1 sensor locations which will monitor noises continuously and will send text message alerts in real-time.

The headquarters are also home to high-value equipment like calculation, storage, and data computers but also European Parliament’s data centers located in the Konrad Adenauer building. This sensitive equipment requires advanced vibrations level monitoring, which will be continuously guaranteed by our solutions.

The sensors are directly connected to the THMInsight measurement system, our data visualization, and management web application. It allows to identify the noise and vibration level in real-time and to display it clearly. From this follows a better reflection to initiate corrective actions and some adjustments on the construction site if needed.

This project marks the first collaboration between CEMENTYS and SOCOTEC teams.

Cementys solution:

In order to guarantee this monitoring, Cementys teams have installed a customized solution for this vibratory and acoustic monitoring:

  • 10 acoustic beacon
  • 5 vibratory beacon
  • 7/7, 24/24 monitoring
  • Sensors autonomy
  • Real-time alerts
  • THMInsight visualization interface
Cementys surveillance environnementale acoustique vibratoire