DynaVib / DynaOhm ®

DynaVib / DynaOhm®

Electrical load cell for anchors

Anchor load measurements sensor

The electrical resistance load cell for anchors consists of a stainless steel ring integrating 8 to 16 electrical resistance strain gauges in a full bridge configuration.

This cell design minimizes the influence of load eccentricity. The cells are available in a variety of diameters. The cells are equipped with a 4-20mA converter to simplify reading technologies.

As the name implies, load cells are used to monitor the anchor load.

The cells are very resistant to load. However, the 4-20mA converter is made of plastic and so quite fragile. Therefore, it must be well protected when used.


      • Retaining walls
      • Excavations
      • Tunnels
      • Molded walls
      • Bolts and bars
      • Landslides

Concerned environments