CrackVib ®


Surface cracks measurement sensor

Crackvib Cementys capteur structurel fissure

A sensor to analyze cracks and their evolution

The vibrating rope crackmeter is a precision sensor designed to measuring cracks apertures. It is used for structures or geotechnical monitoring.

The sensor is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and has integrated seals for underwater use. In addition, its strong design ensures long term reliability.

It incorporates a surge protector to protect it from electrical damage.

Installed on either side of a crack or a joint, the crackmeter measures the displacements by determining the tension in the vibrating cord which is located inside the sensor.


      • Measurement of cracks on concrete buildings.
      • Measurement of structural joint variations.
      • Measurement of pillars movements.
      • Monitoring of faults in rocks.

Concerned Structures

Immeuble infra Cementys monitoring
Pont Cementys infrastructure monitoring auscultation