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Corrosion sensor

Corrovolta capteur de corrosion auscultation Cementys

A detection method for your reinforced concrete

The Corrovolta corrosion sensor consists of four pairs of metal washers (or electrodes), one made of 316ML stainless steel, the other of S235 steel. They are electrically insulated from each other by plastic washers.

The sensor is placed in the embedding of the concrete structure to be monitored. The measurement is based on the proven technology of corrosion current evaluation, which allows a quick interpretation of the phenomena involved, while being free from the effects of temperature and water content of the concrete.

The electrodes can be incorporated into the coating at the time of construction or on existing structures from small core holes. If the reinforcement is protected by an epoxy layer, the sensor indicates the risk of corrosion when this layer is damaged.

The sensor allows the measurement at four depths which are adjustable according to the type of structure and the position of the reinforcement in the work.


  • Real-time monitoring of the propagation of the corrosion front.
  • Optimization of maintenance operations.
  • Non-intrusive integration.

Concerned Structures

Auscultation capteur inclinométrique Cementys Tunnel