Cementys newsletter april 2021

Cementys Newsletter 2021

Newsletter Cementys April 2021

New partnership Cementys and Etafat

State-of-the-art geomatic solutions for monitoring and inspection

BIM model, 3D rendering, laser scanners, Lidar…words that take on their full meaning with the tools and equipment we have available to support our customers in the digitization of their infrastructures.

Thanks to our partnership with Etafat for our monitoring services.

Fiber optic monitoring

Mining shaft Fiber optic monitoring in Poland
Our teams monitor by means of fiber optic instrumentation this mining shaft. This type of instrumentation is not common and is here a great advance in mining shaft monitoring.
The objective is to monitor the mining shaft in the long term.
Temperature monitoring on the walls of a tank intended for the manufacture of aluminium
The temperature used for the manufacture of aluminium is very high and cannot be followed by traditional sensors like PT100 or thermocouple. 
Therefore, the goal here was to use optical fiber which has a very high temperature resistance in order to make a mapping of this tank as accurate as possible.

Inclinometric Sensors

1000 TiltLOG® installed in 1 year!
Our teams have installed their 1000th TiltLOG® in the field.
This inclinometric sensor, designed by Cementys, is a tilt monitoring sensor designed for infrastructure monitoring.
Suitable for monitoring of rails, buildings, bridges, dams, historical monuments, stadiums … it is also very practical for monitoring structures with difficult access (wireless version and with a long lifespan ).
In 1 year :
750 sensors were installed on the Grand Paris Express project to instrument the rails and follow the passage of tunnel boring machines.
250 sensors were installed on our monitoring projects in France and abroad.

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Cementys monitoring chantier auscultation

Line 15, Grand Paris Express

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