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Cementys auscultation Tour Perret surveillance
Instrumentation of Grenoble’s Perret Tower

Instrumentation of Grenoble's Perret Tower Objective of the instrumentation: Measurement of the evolution of the Tower’s tilt and...

The Stade de France in the era of the Scan to BIM

The Stade de France in the era of the Scan to BIM State of the art :BIM =...

Cementys instrumentation par fibre optique tunnel
Fiber optic instrumentation of the Encombrouze Tunnel

Client : SNCFLocation : First phase of the project in the Nerthe tunnel near Marseille, second phase of...

Passerelle stade de france monitoring Cementys
Cementys investigations Olympic Games 2024

Olympic Aquatic Center crossing investigations Paris2024 As part of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, an Olympic Aquatic...

Cementys TULIP project
TULIP Research Project

TULIP Research Project (tunnel boring machines and limitation of impacts on piles) In order to estimate the impact...

BraggLogger Cementys capteur optique
BraggLogger® optical interrogator

BraggLogger® optical interrogator for Fabry-Perot cavities The latest sensor in our range of discrete fiber optic sensors, the...

TiltLOG Cementys
TiltLOG inclinometric sensor

Overview As part of its Monitoring projects, Cementys developed the TiltLog inclinometric sensor.This dual-axis inclinometer can be fixed...

argentine Cementys
Carem25 nuclear power plant Monitoring in Argentina

Deformation and temperature monitoring of the concrete in the containment chamber.Argentine Carem Reactor25The Carem25 reactor is a 100%...