Automatic bridge traffic vehicle detection

Automatic vehicle detection and correlation with structural sensor's measurement

Case study : Wadi Leban Bridge in Riyad
Client : Saudi Ministry of Transport
Date : Since 2014
Reconnaissance automatique de véhicules Cementys
Project specifications

The Wadi Leban Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge built between 1993 and 1997 and maintained by the Saudi Ministry of Transport (MOT) south of Riyadh.

The bridge is a strategical asset providing a connection to Riyad and the south suburbs. It supports rising traffic-related loads.

Structural health monitoring aims to provide quantitative and reliable data on the real conditions of a bridge, observe its evolution and detect the appearance of degradations.

Client's needs

Since 2014, Cementys has monitored Wadi Leban Bridge. The system and the sensors were developed to cover the parameters for the most important deterioration mechanisms: piles and deck level displacements, tension of the tie rods and high-resolution camera.

As the road traffic is exploding in Saudi Arabia, traffic loading has a huge impact on measurements and bridge durability.

Our solution : Artificial intelligence in Bridge Engineering

Cementys has developed a traffic detection algorithm. It detects 2 different trucks size, cars and pickups. Each vehicle is located on the deck level and a static equivalent load is applied following AASHTO recommendations.

Instant correlations with our sensor’s measurements (displacements, strains and tilts) provides a cumulative damage indicator. The sensor’s measurements and traffic loading could be part of an inverse finite element model.

Automatic vehicle detection Cementys

Wadi Leban is a key infrastructure of Riyad city. Bridge monitoring including environmental effects such as traffic loading and seasonal effects provides a good estimate of bridge state.

The combination of the fatigue load spectrum and the traffic volume forecast using the updated logistic model provides a load model for estimation of fatigue damage evolution of bridges.

Wadi Leban Monitoring

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