Monitoring during works

Monitoring during works

Monitoring during the work phases

Cementys engineers offer you personalized auscultation solutions adapted to your needs during your work phases.
Discover our sensors and real-time monitoring solutions for the data collected on construction sites or on neighboring buildings.
Auscultation travaux Cementys capteur chantier
Auscultation travaux Cementys capteur ferroviaire
Auscultation travaux chantier capteur Cementys


Whatever your specific needs, Cementys supports you on your main challenges :

      • Detection of geological anomalies
      • Retro-analysis on geotechnical model.
      • Mitigation of geotechnical risk.
      • Monitoring of structural integrity of the support.
      • Track geometry monitoring near works.
      • Settlement measurement and sloping of neighbors
      • Vulnerability diagnosis of existing buildings.
      • Vibration and acoustic monitoring.
      • Environmental monitoring of the site.
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