Anemometer wind monitoring sensor


Wind speed and direction

Anémomètre capteur environnemental vitesse direction vent Cementys

A sensor to monitor strong wind gusts

Cementys measures wind speed and direction with its three-cup anemometer and wind vane mounted on a cross arm. To measure the wind direction, the wind vane can be removed.

The rotation of anemometer’s cups produces an alternating current, proportional to the wind speed. The frequency of the signal is converted into speed (m/s, mph, knots).

The wind direction is detected by a wind vane which varies a potentiometer.

The measured voltage is proportional to the azimuth angle of the wind direction.

The anemometer allows to measure the impact of the wind, on the measurement of some sensors likely to move during strong gusts. For example, the automatic topographic measurement.

The anemometer also allows the measurement of strong winds, for high structures such as cranes or wind turbines.


      • Weather station
      • Wind monitoring

Scope of application

Qualité de l'air taux de CO2 surveillance Cementys