AcceleroLux ®


Fiber optic accelerometer

Accelerolux accéléromètre à fibre optique Cementys monitoring surveillance

Durable measurement of accelerations of a structural element

The Accelerolux® accelerometer sensor is designed to perform durable measurements in one direction in explosive environments (ATEX) or in environments subject to electromagnetic disturbances (lightning, high voltage, parasites).

The deformations generated by the external acceleration are precisely measured by a Fabry-Pérot type cavity formed by the optical fiber. The whole system is protected by a robust stainless steel or aluminum (option) case.

The fiber optic transmission technology makes the AcceleroLux® an easy-to-use sensor that can accept several kilometers of cable without altering the quality of the signal.

This sensor is characterized by its robustness, its ease of installation and its small footprint. It can be used with a BraggLogger® optical interrogator supplied by Cementys.


      •  Monitoring of high voltage elements (catenary, pantograph, railroad switches, HV lines, transformers, etc.)

      • Monitoring of civil engineering structures in a noisy environment (railway tunnel, dam subject to lightning strikes, site with arc welding, etc.).
        arc welding, etc.).

      • Integrity control of structures in explosive environments (LNG storage, gas pipes, offshore platforms, etc.).


Concerned Environnements

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