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Fiber optic sensing for monitoring structures and the health of railway infrastructures

Abstract We will present our findings on the results of distributed acoustic measurements on optical fibers for the prevention and detection of anomalies along the railway infrastructures. This system can also be a new approach for Structural Health Monitoring (SMH). Introduction We... Read More

Instrumentation of tunnels by distributed optical fiber sensors: the Fréjus Tunnel, France

Summary The distributed measurement done by optical fiber is a new technique that has opened many possibilities in the monitoring of deformed tunnels. In this specific case of monitoring the behavior of the Frejus tunnel (located on the France-Italy border)... Read More

Charles de Gaulle Express Project

The Charles De Gaulle Express project is part of  Le Grand Paris Express which revolves around a public transportation network plan consisting of four metro lines around Paris, along with the expansion of two existing lines. The goal of... Read More

New Monitoring project : Grand Paris Express Line 16 Work Package 2

We are pleased to collaborate with Salini Impregilo – NGE consortium on the construction of the new line 16 of Grand Paris Express Project. The monitoring job of Line 16 Work Package 2 deals with the Tunnel portion between the connection structure at... Read More

Offshore Riser Tension Monitoring

Late 2018, Cementys engineering team finalized its first deepwater riser real-time monitoring project. The instrumentation operation took place in the Gulf of Mexico, on an existing Tendon Leg Platform (TLP), exposed to frequent Loop Current events. Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV)... Read More

Professional Training : Monitoring of Specific Defence Infrastructure

Since November 2018, Cementys organised new military training sessions every month, at Palaiseau’s Campus for the French Army Corps of Engineers (SID departement of French Army). Hundreds of Military Engineers will attend this 2 day training program to inspect and... Read More

GEOTYS _ Geotechnical Monitoring

GEOTYS offers a wide variety of automatic monitored geotechnical instrumentations : Piezometers (groundwater level and pore-water pressure) Inclinometers (vertical and horizontal) Extensometers (in-place or manual measurements) Crack monitoring and Tilt Meters for surface buildings Settlement gauges Ground Vibration Monitoring Direct and Inverted Pendulums Typical Applications : Ground Movement... Read More


THMinsight Thanks to the new wireless telecommunication technologies, data access and visualization through Internet allow us to follow in real time the evolution of instrumented structures. This monitoring is essential during critical phases such as installation, production, maintenance or even... Read More

CNEA has relied on Cementys’ fiber optic measurement technical expertise and know-how

Anticipating future energy challenges, Argentina asserts its will to increase its atomic energy industry. Argentina’s government has entrusted CNEA (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica) with the development of a new type of nuclear reactor, from low to medium electrical capacity, completely... Read More

Pipeline leak detection

Optical fiber: a revolution for pipeline leak detection Pipeline leak detection is so important… Even though pipelines are still the safest way to transport oil and gas products, spills and leaks may occur. These incidents can have an important environmental... Read More

Press Review

Montgolfier 2015 – Physics Arts

Montgolfier 2015 – Physics Arts   Vincent Lamour, CEO and founder of Cementys, received March 26 the Mongolfier award 2015 of physics arts. Presented to the comity by Mr. Cornillault, President of the Comity for physics art at the SEIN (Encouragement Society... Read More

Nominated in the Technology Fast 50, Fast 500 EMEA

Cementys came in 40th in the Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 50, a ranking of the fastest growing technological companies in France. This ranking, based on revenue growth during the five years from 2009 to 2013, also placed Cementys 229th in... Read More

Visit us at OTC 2014!

At Cementys, we believe that monitoring your asset will improve your people safety and enhance your production. If you share our ideas, please come to talk to our highly motivated team in OTC Houston booth 4049. More information -> OTC 2014 Read More