Dam Safety and Asset Integrity Monitoring

2 Sessions per year held in:
Houston, TX
Palaiseau, FRANCE

In this course you will learn all  you need about auscultation and instrumentation technologies, their implementation, and hydraulic structures monitoring strategies (dams, harbours, levees, docks, etc.). Combining theory and demonstration, this training is organized with our IRSTEA Academic Partner.

  • Identify risks linked to dam, levee and harbour vulnerability
  • Know the mandatory regulations regarding dam and levee surveillance
  • Implement a surveillance strategy adapted to a specific structure

Day 1:
Sensor Technologies

During this training you will learn the basis of material aging science and structural engineering of Hydraulic Infrastructures (Dams, Levees, Harbours, etc.).

This training is field oriented and practical and will provide you with all of the basic information you need to know about Asset Integrity Monitoring within different technologies.


  • The Vibrating Wire Sensors and Fiber Optic Sensors (isolated and distributed): technologies, implementations, data acquisition and interpretation.
  • Electrical Sensors and Manual Measurements
  • Data Acquisition system, architecture and database
  • Operational Topography and Geodesy applied to Dam Surveillance
  • Practical works and Demonstrations
  • Define monitoring technical specifications for new and existing dams
  • Analyse and interpret monitoring data and define warning thresholds
  • Insure monitoring system maintenance in long term operations

Day 2:
Surveillance Strategies

This training focuses mainly on the strategies and applications of sensing technologies adapted for long-term surveillance.

Based on a complete overview of the main aging effects, you will learn how to expertise the early age behavior and define durability specifications for monitoring programs ad lifetime management.


  • Hydraulic structures risks and vulnerability
  • Main surveillance strategy for new and existing hydraulic structures
  • Measurands used for dam and levees surveillance, available sensor families, measurements systems and associated metrology
  • Earth dam surveillance, concrete dam surveillance, specific surveillance of pathologic structures
  • Surveillance of cave-in, rock wall and harbor