Optical fiber sensors

Cementys offers a complete range of optical fiber sensors.

Please refer to the table below for more information on existing sensors. We are always ready to develop new or custom sensors through our R&D capabilities.

In Cementys, we like optical fiber sensors for its numerous benefits:
  • Immune to EM fields
  • Safe in explosive environments
  • Long term monitoring (no calibration or maintenance)
  • Passive sensors (no power supply)
  • Multiplexing (up to 40 sensors per fiber)


Sensor name Description Applications
SensoLux Fiber optic cable for distributed measurements: temperature, strain, acoustics and vibrations (DTS, DSS, DAS and DVS) Downhole, pipeline, leak detection, mooring chains, pig tracking, intrusion detection, power lines, dams, tunnels, dikes, civil engineering structures…
PressioLuxDH Pressure and temperature gauge (HT/HP) Downhole, salt caverns
StrainLux Strain Gauge Mooring chains, offshore structures, pipelines, SURF monitoring, civil engineering structures
MicroLux Deformation sensor to be embedded in concrete Civil engineering, dams, dike, nuclear power plants, railways
deltaLux Displacement and crack monitoring Risers, LNG tanks, concrete structures, bridges, dams, tunnels
PressioLux Pressure gauge Dams, bridges, civil engineering
acceleroLux Mass-spring accelerometer ESP, Electrical towers, power lines, catnaries
DynaLux Force gauge Anchor residual stress monitoring


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DynaLux® is a fiber optic load cell for pulling up. It enables:

  • Measure permanently the force in rods and prestressing cables
  • Measure the temperature at the force cell
  • Insensitive to agressive and marine environments


DeltaLux is a displacement sensor using Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG), and can be used for different applications:

  • Crack monitoring (concrete structures, historical monuments)
  • Joint monitoring (bridges, dams, docks, tunnels)
  • Long-based distance monitoring using invar or Kevlar wire (tunnel convergence, monitoring of big concrete sections, arch surveillance)


PressioLux is a fiber optic sensor to measure pressure.

PressioLux DH

This pressure and temperature gauge has been designed especially for the Oil and Gas industry, for downhole measurement. This sensor is totally passive (FBG technology), and can be interrogated in real time by an autonomous logger installed topside.

Optical fiber being insensible to EM field and intrinsically safe in explosive environments (Class1 Div1), it makes it a great technology for the oil and gas industry.


AcceleroLux is an optical fiber accelerometer type mass-spring, monitored thanks to Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG).

The acceleration/vibration range and the frequency bandwidth can be adapted to the client’s applications, for example the monitoring of electrified structures (electrical towers, power lines, pantographs, catenaries etc.).


The Cementys engineers are specialized in strain measurements using optical fiber sensors (FBGs). The sensor Strainlux is an Optical Fiber Strain gauge ready to be glued on a support, the same way than an electronic gauge.

The strain gauges StrainLux have numerous advantages compared to traditional electric gauges.


Distributed temperature and strain sensor. Can be used for Raman and Brillouin measurements, thanks to its 4 fibers (2 single-modes, 2 multi-modes), with a range of several miles.

Qualified for both very low temperatures (-180°C) and high temperature (85°C), this cable can be used for a lot of different applications: leak detection, distributed stress monitoring, DTS, ground movement monitoring, etc.


Optical deformation and temperature sensor, using FBGs.

It can be implemented inside concrete structures to have in-situ measurements.