Monitoring systems

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InsideStress is a method to determinate the in-situ stress.

It allows you to:

  • Measure the in-situ stress stat without unloading the structure
  • Provide the evolution of stresses in the depth of the material


The instrumented ConcreteHeat box is designed to determine the temperature rise in the concrete structures.

ConcreteHeat provides:

  • In-situ measurements of the heat of hydration and the maturity of the concrete
  • Measure the evolution of endogenous shrinkage and the coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete


Monitoring of the construction of concrete structures.

PrimaVita allows you to:

  • Quantify phenomena at early age in the structures of reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete
  • Provide control cracking at early age
  • Minimize future pathologies
  • Determine residual stresses at the young age
  • Enable traceability of construction and quality control


ConcreteLife is a system of Intelligent monitoring of concrete structures in their environment:

  • Enables the traceability of the concrete structure during its life cycle
  • Identifies risk of failure during the construction phase (youth) and degradation over time
  • Provides decision support indicators to control risk and reduce the costs of repair/maintenance

Acquisition Systems


THM-Insight is a software and mobile application for real-time monitoring of infrastructures.


The THM-Insight application is designed to download, store and review the instrumentation data (thermo – hydro – mechanical) of structures instrumented by a central THM-Logger, BraggLogger or SensoLogger.

The data is automatically transferred from the remot datalogger to secure database Cementys server.

THM-Insight is particularly suited for durable and civil engineering works (pipelines, offshore platforms, dams, bridges, tunnels, landfills, reservoirs, etc.)


DuraLux is an optoelectronic modulus (low energy consumption) which allows to interface dataloggers with fiber optic sensors to standard Bragg networks.

DuraLux can be interfaced in serial modes (ModBus, PackBus, Rx/Tx, CAN), analog (4-20mA, 0-10V) or Ethernet networks.

Robust, Duralux doesn’t drift even for a very long-term measures.


BraggLogger is an Optical Fiber Monitoring Interrogator.

  • Measure precisely and permanently up to 4 channels of Bragg Grating Sensors (80 FBG measurement channels)
  • Automatically records up to 10,000 readings in complete autonomy (optional Compact Flash Card)
  • Requires no on-site maintenance (warranty for three years optoelectronic components)
  • Compact, rugged and durable in extreme environments
  • The most economical solution for dynamically measuring strain gauges, over 10 sensors


MobiVib is a manual station for measurement and expertise of vibrating wire sensors.


Mobile Monitoring Station for isolated sensors.

MobiLogger allows to:

  • Measure precisely and permanently a chain of temperature and humidity sensors sensors (other configurations possible)
  • Send data by air transmission optional (RF 2.4GHz, 3km)
  • Require no on-site maintenance (operating warranty for 5 years components)
  • Compact, robust and durable in extreme environments, in complete autonomy (battery or solar collector).


THM-Logger is a Monitoring Station for civil engineering structures.

  • Measuring precisely and durably the vibrating wire sensors as well as Pt100, HydraCap, PenduLog, etc.
  • Requires no on-site maintenance (operating warranty for 5 years components)
  • Compact, robust and durable in extreme environments.