Expert Assessment and Diagnosis

Concrete construction expert assessment and structural diagnosis


As an independent company, Cementys® performs technical assessment on concrete structure health status such as:

  • Outstanding mechanical loads (earthquake, shock, geotechnical risks, undistributed overloads…)
  • Internal or external chemical attack (water inlet, carbonation, acids, percolation…)
  • External challenging environmental conditions (thermal and hydric gradient, curing concrete, water infiltration, standing water…)

These assessments rely on experimental and numerical means owned by Cementys. In certain cases, we may recommend to perform specific analyses by our academic and scientific partners.



The company offers specific operations of inspection and survey in order to assess works’ state of health (diagnosis) and rationalize maintenance interventions.

  • In situ sustainability indicators: permeability (PermInSitu), corrosion (CorroVolta), carbonation / chlorination
  • Water inlet and leaks expert assessment over structures (neutron radiography, local capacitive probe, tracer)
  • Cracks monitoring (crack sensors, acoustic emission, depth measurement by ultrasound)
  • In-situ stress measurement (InsideStress)
  • Non-destructive testing for concrete survey (Ground Penetrating Radar, mechanical impedance, impact echo method, ultrasonic velocity, Test Hammer)
  • Detection and localization of concrete reinforcing bars (ferromagnetic detection and Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • Sampling (diamond core drilling) and sustainability measurement in laboratory (porosity, permeability, chloride diffusivity, cement content)
  • Residual lifetime studies of a concrete structure (prognosis) from laboratory tests and/or numerical simulations (identified models of permeation / diffusion)


  • Legal experts requiring reliable measurement and survey from an independent company (intervention as a third party)
  • Industrial and commercial site managers, requiring specific survey for ageing structures or for the regulatory compliancy of their site
  • Concrete infrastructure managers (harbour wharves, sewage network, military infrastructure)

Recent projects

  • Expertise on pathological construction work and detailed inspection
  • Expertise on reinforced concrete for parking lot
  • Determination of in-situ mechanical strain (InsideStress)
  • Survey, inspection and instrumentation of a shell in concrete
  • Survey of a slab in pre-stressed concrete