Railway – Smartsleeper

Developed with a European industrial partner in 2012, SmartSleeper© has been tested and qualified on different railways in Europe.

  • Detection of potential overloads or imbalance (axle and wagon)
  • Mechanical estimation of wearing and fatigue effects in curves and specific locations
  • Ballast ageing estimation through sleeper bending measurement
  • Real time monitoring of moving trains (direction of transit, average speed, total number of axles, gross weight of wheel, total length of train, …)
  • Fiber optic monitoring
  • Embedded BraggLogger interrogator
  • MicroLux extensometers (FBG based extensometers)
  • AcceleroLux accelerometers (FBG based accelerometers)
  • THMInsight for real time data visualisation
  • Our sensing technologies are completely immune against electromagnetic noise
  • The sensors are embedded in the concrete sleeper for long term monitoring, without any maintenance
  • The data can be remotely collected through a standard telecommunication fiber optic cable (up to 50 miles)
  • There is no drift or offset in the Strain measurements thanks to FBG absolute frequency measurement principle.