Nuclear and Military

Nuclear and Military infrastructures

Confidential Defence accredited, Cementys engineers® provide reliable measurement solutions for the expertise, survey, monitoring and operation readiness of Nuclear and Military Infrastructures.

  • Quality Control and Traceability during Construction
  • Service Life Maintenance Optimization
  • Long Term Facility Surveillance of Critical Assets
  • Environmental Monitoring of Nuclear Facilities
  • Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructures
  • Risk Based Prioritization of Inspections
  • Non destructive Investigations of Ageing Materials and Structures
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections and Ground Water Monitoring



  • Our Confidentiality Management Process with a Military Scope
  • Our Quality Management System
  • Double Expertise in Civil and Nuclear Engineering
  • Cost Effective Combination of Instrumentation and Numerical Analysis


Goals of our measurement solutions in accordance with severe French regulation TSN 2006 law (Transparency and Nuclear Security)

  • Identifying the failure modes and potential irreversible damages over time (concrete survey)
  • Confirming a “normal” behaviour of a standard nuclear infrastructure by instrumentation / monitoring
  • Providing tools for support decision in order to manage the risks and to extend the lifespan of nuclear structures

Our references in radioactive waste storage facilities:

  • Design review on packaging of radioactive waste and functional analysis
  • Interpretation of instrumentation results and expertise of waste storage structures
  • Simulation, instrumentation and monitoring of the behaviour of concrete storage building (ConcreteLife)
  • Very long term monitoring of reinforced concrete waste storage structures
  • Early life simulation and instrumentation on feasibility demonstrators
  • Simulation of the mechanical behaviour of concrete containers for high and mid-activity radioactive wastes
  • Monitoring of long term corrosion in low activity structures
  • Optimized management of the civil engineering maintenance of an INB



Accredited Confidential Defense, the Cementys engineers ® provide reliable measurement solutions for the expertise and monitoring of defense sensitive infrastructures.

We offer technical expertise (inspection, survey, recalculation, compliance) and create high value-added measurement to ensure the integrity and to maintain ageing military structures in optimal operational conditions.

They trust us