Civil Infrastructures

Bridges, Tunnels, Airports and Major Infrastructures

Cementys offers you to monitor the structural behaviour of civil engineering works, during the phases of construction or operation, to assess their integrity, to rationalize decision-making for manage your park and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Service Life Maintenance and Cost Optimization
  • Non Destructive Assessment of Material Residual Properties
  • Intrusion and Overload Monitoring
  • Traceability and Ageing Facility Management
  • Pathology Survey and Forecast
  • Durable Structural Health Monitoring and Real-Time Web Based visualization (THM-InsightTM)
  • Leak and Intrusion Detection and Localization by Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing (SensoLuxTM)
  • Risk Based Prioritization of Periodic Inspections (DuraDiagTM)
  • Concrete Ageing Expertise and Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Laboratory Testing
  • Stress Measurements on existing structure (InsideStressTM)


  • Team Work between Structural Engineers and Measurements Experts
  • Cost Effective Combinaison of Periodic Inspections and Continuous Monitoring Systems
  • Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Simulation of Structures and Infrastructures Behaviors
  • Technical Expertise & High Added Value Instrumentation for Long Term and Reliable Monitoring

The Cementys instrumentation of civil engineering works is adapted to:

  • monitoring of concrete at early age
  • optimization of the implementation
  • risk control of ageig


  • Road and Airport Infrastructures (solution of type « Voie Intelligente » by optical fiber sensors, monitoring and expertise of the bridges)
  • Waterways (locks/dams monitoring, detection and localization of defect by measure distributed over a large linear)
  • Harbours (strain measurements of quay, leak detection, corrosion risk monitoring, diagnosis of concrete ageing structures)

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