Professional Training : Monitoring of Specific Defence Infrastructure

Professional Training : Monitoring of Specific Defence Infrastructure

Since November 2018, Cementys organised new military training sessions every month, at Palaiseau’s Campus for the French Army Corps of Engineers (SID departement of French Army).

Hundreds of Military Engineers will attend this 2 day training program to inspect and monitor specific military assets (harbours, dams, reservoirs, railways, bridges, nuclear facilities, airport runways).

Based on numerous case studies, Cementys Experts explain how to identify, characterise and prevent/repair ageing phenomena or degradations for those specific military facilities.

Picture of the first Promotion :

These Trainings deal with infrastructures :


  • High-rise Building, Semaphore And Historic Monument
  • Water Tower
  • Transmission mast, antenna, Radar dome
  • Cliff and Quarry
  • Retaining Wall


  • Building
  • Structural art
  • Underground works 
  • Marine structures
  • Aeronautical pavements

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