GEOTYS _ Geotechnical Monitoring

GEOTYS _ Geotechnical Monitoring

GEOTYS offers a wide variety of automatic monitored geotechnical instrumentations :

Piezometers (groundwater level and pore-water pressure)

Inclinometers (vertical and horizontal)

Extensometers (in-place or manual measurements)

Crack monitoring and Tilt Meters for surface buildings

Settlement gauges

Ground Vibration Monitoring

Direct and Inverted Pendulums

Typical Applications :

Ground Movement Monitoring

Landslip Monitoring

Foundation Monitoring

Tunnel Monitoring

Dam Monitoring

Pile Testing

Soil Investigation

Our up to date equipment :

GEO205 COMACCHIO drilling rig (2,7t – 44 HP – 480 daNm)

GEO305 COMACCHIO drilling rig (5,1t – 75 HP – 1100 daNm)

Injection Pumps

Cement-Bentonite Mixers


Drilling parameter loggers (Lutz)

Ground Penetrating Radars (GSSI, USRadar)

MicroGravimeter (Scintrex)

BoreHole Cameras

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