Newsletter – April 2018

Newsletter – April 2018



Cementys is fast growing ! 
“Smarter, Faster, Further, Together for our Customers”.
Cementys is adding 3000 Square Feet to its Palaiseau facility near Paris and is opening a new business agency in Brest (Western Brittany).


Steffie-Orbival : Let’s follow the new Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for Grand Paris Express

The first TBM of the Metro Line 15 South started to dig on April the 3rd from Champigny-sur-Marne. “Steffie-Orbival” TBM will proceed at a 12 meters a day pace, for a total run of 2 178 meters.  

It’s a tradition to name TBM after women, dating back to the 1500s when miners – and anyone working with explosives such as armourers and military engineers – prayed to Saint Barbara to protect them from the dangers underground. Santa Barbara is the patron saint of tunnellers and miners and all who work and visit underground construction environments.

Cementys is monitoring surface settlements, tunnel convergence and nearby deformation of existing structures.

New product

SensoLogger Acoustic 

SensoLogger® Acoustic interrogator propagates high frequency light pulses through a standard single mode optical fiber and analyses the backscattered signal (Coherent Rayleigh Noise scattering). Any event occurring near the fiber and having an acoustic energy, vibration for instance, will disturb the backscattered signal by shifting its phase. The phase shift is analyzed by our interrogator in order to characterise the frequency and amplitude of the event. The precise location of the event is resolved by Time Domain Reflectometry.


R&D Partnership on Mine Monitoring Systems

Cementys is glad to take part in mining industry by collaborating with two major actors of this industry

  • KGMH Polska Miedz in Poland,
  • Rio Tinto in France

Professionnal training

Join our next training sessions:

  • Tunneling and Underground Work Monitoring (October 9th and 10th 2018, in Paris)
  • Hydraulic Dam and Levee Monitoring (January 22nd & 23rd 2019, in Pairs)
  • Sensor Technologies for Asset Integrity Monitoring (April 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2019, in Paris)

More information

Our upcoming events

May 17th – Forum “Emploi Mobilité Défense” (Paris)

This event is dedicated to ex-military employees looking for job mobility. we will be glad to meet them and inform them about our job opportunities !

April 30th – May 4th – Meet us at OTC (Houston)

Meet us at OTC in two weeks in Houston ! Let’s discuss about your asset integrity monitoring strategy !
Call Mark (+1 832 682 7650) or Vincent (+1 832 916 1088) and join us at the French Pavilion in the main Hall.


Cementys Team

Welcome aboard ! 

Cementys is glad to welcome six new talents in Civil Engineering, Electronics and Optics, Pierre, Rachid, Achraf, Rida, Salim and Valentin.
Let’s do it together !

We want you ! 

If you are looking for new exciting job opportunities, if you want to challenge yourself, to work on international projects, with a great team spirit, join us !
We are regularly opening full time positions:
  • Mechanical engineer, based in Paris/Houston
  • Optical/Electronics engineer, based in Paris/Houston
  • Civil engineer, based in Paris
  • Data Manager, based in Paris
  • Administrative assistant, based in Paris

9 rue Léon Blum 91120 Palaiseau France
11505 West Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77041, USA



Communication & Training Officer 
Susie Muckensturm

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