Newsletter – March 2018

Newsletter – March 2018

Smart Underground Networks and Biomimetics : How sensors help to build and operate tunnels…

The term “smart structures” is commonly used for structures which have the ability to adapt to environmental conditions and increase its operation efficiency and safety. Combining “smart structures” with the “sophistication” achieved in measurement science, sensors, and information technology, underground structures are now able to sense their environment and self-diagnose their condition. Let’s talk about your underground project and our ability to help you to “sense” your asset.
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New projects

Ariane Group : “Mission to success” 

Cementys team is proud to collaborate with Arianespace on the development of new sensing technologies enabling sensor cable weight reduction and electromagnetic noise immunity. Through this joint initiative, Cementys engineers develop and qualify new fiber optic sensors and interrogators for aerospace applications.

Structural Health Monitoring of Maritime Assets

Cementys will collaborate with the French Defence Infrastructure Service (SID) through a frame agreement for structural health monitoring of a critical maritime infrastructure in Brest Arsenal over the period 2018 – 2025. The project will help SID owner to ensure continuous operations and service life extension of military maritime assets over the next decades.

Ministry Of Transport (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Since 2013, Cementys sensors and acquisition systems have been installed on two large bridges in  Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Vincent Lamour and Jean-Baptiste Paris met Cementys partner Mr Saud THUNAYAN and visited the Saudian Ministry of Transport and King Saud University in Riyadh last december 2017 in order to collaborate on bridge data interpretation .

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Products / Software

THMInsight (logo registered) 

Thanks to the new technologies of wireless communication, visualization and access to the data through Internet allow us to follow in real time the evolution of instrumented structures, especially during critical phases as installation, production, maintenance or even when civil engineering works happens nearby.

For several years, Cementys uses and improves its supervisor software, called THMInsight, to display indicators. These are necessary to control, monitor and alert about all the evets which could damage an infrastructure.

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Conference – “Le Grand Pari(s) des Géomètres”

This conference will take place on the March 23th 2018 in Paris. Cementys will be pleased to share its experience and knowledge on the following subject : “L’auscultation topographique, géotechnique et structurelle dans le cadre des chantiers du Grand Paris.”

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Research & Development

Partnership with ESGT 

Cementys and its scientific partner, the Ecole Supérieure des Géomètres Topographes (ESGT) have just launched a joint Research program on the “Combined Interpretation of GNSS and PsInsar DATA for the monitoring of surface civil engineering structures”. Cementys is pleased to announce the recruitment of Abdeljalil Nahli as a PhD student in MArch 2018 to participate to the R&D initiative.

Cementys Team
Welcome Aboard ! 
Cementys team is excited to welcome this month :
  • Saïd Kahlat as a surveyor engineer,
  • Marine Bouget as an instrumentation trainee,
  • Aymen Gargouri as a surveyor engineer,
  • Etienne François-Bachelier as a civil engineer trainee,
  • Abdeljalil Nahli as a PhD student,
  • Rachid Blout as a drilling assistant.
Team Building
Cementys team has been traveling to La Norma for its biannual event. These events are the occasion to strengthen cohesion and to brainstorm together !See our team…
Our training sessions
Join our next training sessions !
  • Tunneling and Underground Work Monitoring (October 9 & 10th, 2018, in Paris)
  • Hydraulic Dam and Levee Monitoring (January 22 & 23rd, 2019 in Paris)
  • Sensor technologies for Asset Integrity Monitoring (April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2019, in Paris)
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