Cementys Newsletter 2016 – N°1

Cementys Newsletter 2016 – N°1

Asset Integrity Monitoring
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New Asset Integrity Monitoring Opportunities for Future Energy Infrastructures
How long term trends affect Asset Integrity Monitoring strategies?
Energy infrastructures usually need long term investment. In a demographic trend feeding energy demand (1 billion world population growth by 2025), energy price volatility or geopolitical hands will not affect this strong long-term play.
As an Asset Integrity Monitoring Leader, Cementys should take into account the energy market future scenarii and seize associated opportunities !

Sustainability and Globalization
Recent Conference on Climate Change COP21/CMP11 in Paris illustrated how sustainability and globalisation will affect future energy investments. Keeping global warming below 2°C by 2100 and investing 100 billions USD per year in developing countries will promote “green” energy infrastructures, related to monitoring business opportunities :
  • Hydraulic Power in developing countries : Mandatory Structural Health Monitoring and Risk Mitigation
  • Windfarms Onshore and Offshore : Monitoring for Condition Based Maintenance
  • Gas transport facilities (LNG, pipeline, storage) : Asset Integrity Monitoring (commissioning, leak detection, intrusion)
  • Photovoltaic power stations : Monitoring for Condition Based Maintenance

Balanced Energy Mix 
Fossil fuel and Nuclear energies will play a major role in the progressive energy transition, specially in a growing energy demand perspective. Asset Integrity Monitoring will enable necessary CAPEX and OPEX reductions for new Oil&Gas and Nuclear energy infrastructures.
Service Life Extension and long term waste management (CO2 sequestration, radwaste geological storage) will also need robust asset integrity monitoring solutions.

Smart Energy Networks 
Smart grids and smart pipelines will be part of the globalized energy market, as failure costs are continuously increasing. Asset Integrity Monitoring has a marginal cost when it is decided before construction. As today’s Condition Based Maintenance of Rotating equipments needs accelerometers and thermometers to reduce by half operating costs, energy networks will use optical fibers to secure operation and optimize maintenance.

By developing innovative cost effective solutions and providing robust technologies worldwide, Cementys team will play its role in the challenging future of new and existing Energy Infrastructures!

Vincent Lamour
Chief Technology Officer

OTC 2016
Booth 4049E

The Offshore Technology Conference(OTC) in Houston is one of the most important global Oil&Gas events today. It brings together more than 100.000 industry leaders from more than 110 countries. They all want to share and improve technical and scientific knowledge involving offshore resources and environmental issues.
OTC is the ideal location for us to present our latest innovations and applications in the Oil and Gas industry. Vincent Lamour (Chief Technology Officer) and Pierre de Lacaze (Instrumentation Engineer) will be there to welcome you, answer all your questions and show our monitoring demonstrators on Optical Fiber Stress Measurement and Pipeline Leak detection.

Come to the Space City and visit us on booth 4049E in the main Hall !
OTC website

Instrumentation and monitoring of nuclear facilities

May 5th, 2016
Houston, TX, USA.

This one-day training course focuses on the application of sensing technologies adapted for long-term surveillance of Nuclear Infrastructures (Nuclear Power Plants, Radioactive Waste Packages, Nuclear Waste Disposal Facilitie
s, Geological Repositories, etc.).
Morning: Monitoring Methodology
Afternoon: Monitoring Technologies

Information & Registration

LNG Terminal
in Poland

Cementys’ engineers designed and implement custom-built displacement sensorsDeltaLuxCRYO  for the LNG Terminal in Poland (Swinoujscie, Baltic Sea). These fiber optic sensors (FBG technology), with ATEX and cryogenic qualification, were installed in the harsh environment of LNG tanks during the construction phase. The system monitored the thermomechanical behavior of the tanks during commissioning last december : first cool-down and filling of LNG tank.  With a 100% sensor operating effectiveness, EPC Contractor (Saipem-Techint-PBG) and Operator (Polskie LNG) successfully validated the structural behavior of the tank during the commissioning phase.

CAREM25: Cementys visited CNEA

Cementys team is proud to collaborate on CAREM25 ongoing project in Argentina. 
Vincent Lamour and Christian Medrano visited CNEA (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica) in Buenos Aeres and provided a professional training about Asset Integrity Monitoring of Nuclear Facilities. CAREM25 project consists on the development, design and construction of a small nuclear power plant (25 MW SMR prototype).

21st Offshore Symposium

In collaboration with Stress Engineering Services in Houston, Cementys presented a paper “Optical Fiber Sensors for Subsea and Topside Asset Integrity Monitoring Applications” at the SNAME 21st Offshore Symposium. AIM (Asset Integrity Monitoring) is becoming a critical activity as Oil&Gas operators need to secure their existing production assets and extend their service life. In this paper we present the latest optical fiber sensor monitoring technologies and applications for offshore and subsea asset integrity monitoring. The assets studied include Hulls, Topside Structures, Risers, Mooring Chains,Turrets, Subsea Tiebacks and Umbilicals.
Read the article

A polish training for Asset Integrity Monitoring

What a success for our “Optical Fiber Sensing for Asset Integrity Monitoring” training course. After the american session (Houston, TX), the french session (Paris), the same training course was organized by our country Manager Dariusz Rebosz in the beautiful city of Sandomierz in Poland. Engineers and Technical Managers from Gaz System, Gascontrol PolskaCracow University of Technology and Warsaw University assisted to the two day training course.

Optical fiber for cryogenic applications

Cementys developed a full range of solutions for the monitoring of cryogenic assets, from cool-down and leak detection monitoring of LNG tanks and pipelines to stress… Read more

Distributed strain monitoring of tunnels

Distributed strain monitoring of structures using optical fiber sensing is a brand new technique which has opened new possibilities in tunnel survey. Cementys… Read more

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