Cementys Newletter – N°4

Cementys Newletter – N°4




Cementys, Asset Integrity Monitoring
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Why Include Instrumentation in Asset Integrity Management ?


“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions” Grace Hopper.

The importance of Asset Integrity Management programs for infrastructure safety is widely accepted. There are many historical cases of structural failures where early warning signs of failure might have been detected if a good Structural Health Monitoring program had been in place. The monitoring program provides the information that is needed to develop a better understanding of the on-going performance of aging assets. Periodic Inspection or Advanced Computational Structural Analysis are complementary to Asset Integrity Monitoring. Knowing that infrastructure is performing as expected is reassuring to asset owners, and the ability to detect a change in this performance is critical because the asset owner is directly responsible for the consequences of a failure. Therefore, a good asset integrity monitoring program should be a key part of every asset owner’s risk management program.


Regulation for Mandatory Asset Integrity Monitoring versus Smart Long Term Asset Owner Strategy?

Knowing from the past catastrophic failures, the use of instrumentation is mandatory for dam safety programs and nuclear facility aging management. Do we need other failures within the Oil&Gas or in the Construction industries (bridges, tunnels, high-rise buildings) to comply with instrumented surveillance regulations? We would rather be responsible asset integrity managers, using long term sensors and monitoring systems to optimize asset service life:

  • Instrumented Monitoring produces quantitative data during the construction / installation phase, helping mitigating early failure risks: excessive stress and damage usually occur during initial construction/installation phase (concrete early age cracking, subsea installation, pipeline installation)
  • Instrumented Monitoring can provide long term, consistent records of data, allowing for detection of subtle trends in the asset performance under different loading conditions that may develop slowly over time. Other methods of observation / inspection tend to provide short-term, discrete records of information. Long Term Monitoring will allow Condition-Based Maintenance and Cost Reduction of OPEX.
  • The collection of instrumentation data can be automated which allows for monitoring on a more frequent basis. Automated monitoring systems can be used to initiate alarms for notifying monitoring personnel of sudden changes in the instrument data values due to normal or extreme loading conditions. Long Term trends will also help asset owners to take decision about service life extension  through valuable experimental data.

Such as Medical Doctors or just Car Drivers, we should use sensors to better understand, optimize and maintain our infrastructure assets. Let’s be smart and monitor our critical Assets!

Vincent Lamour
Cementys CEO
832 916 1088

Flight Test Pressure Measurements: PressioLux ATM

Cementys is proud to present its new optical fiber product: PressioLux ATM, an ultra-thin atmospheric pressure pad.

To measure atmospheric pressure on wings during real flight tests, pressure sensors must comply with a very small thickness due to an aero-dynamical boundary layer of 1 millimeter. PressioLux ATM is answering this requirement with a thickness of 500 microns. Its optical fiber conception also provides solutions to cope with the various atmospheric conditions (temperature compensation), waterproof needs, and easy bonding and removal (low intrusivity). Fiber Bragg Grating technology presents advantages such as high multiplexing capacities (10 sensors per cable), electromagnetism immunity (passive optical sensor) and a very good precision: 0.1% full scale.

Optical Fiber Sensing for Asset Integrity Monitoring in Houston

Cementys is co-organizing with the University of Houston-Downtown, a professional training on Optical Fiber Sensing for Asset Integrity Monitoring. Come and learn more about fiber optic sensing on the 4th and 5th november 2015! Real-Time Sensor Demos and Case Studies will be presented.

Program & Registration

Workshop & Conferences

Cementys was there!

Fib Symposium 2015, Copenhagen : Jean-Baptiste PARIS presented a conference on “Innovative fiber optic monitoring of Wadi Leban bridge, KSA”.

SPE DFOS 2015, Vincent Lamour presented a scientific poster on “Monitoring of a power line : Comparison of Brillouin & Raman DTS”. This event was held 11-13 August 2015 at Napa, in California.

Save the date: 26, 27, 28 october 2015

As a key partner for Hydraulic Asset Integrity Monitoring and Aging Management, Cementys will exhibit at Hydro 2015! This international conference and exhibition will take place at the Bordeaux Convention Center, France, 26-28 October, 2015. Specialized in instrumentation and aging expertise of hydraulic power plants, Cementys operates internationally in Europe, Afica and Americas. Come and discuss with us about our current projects and our technologies on our booth N°245.

Hydro 2015 Program

17-18 November

Cementys and Saipem will present an experimental study dealing with optical fiber technologies for distributed temperature and strain sensing of subsea pipelines. The symposium is organized by the Marine Technology Society and will take place in Houston, Westin Memorial City on November 17-18, 2015. Please join us for the meeting!

Demo : Shape Measurement of a pipeline though Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing

Cementys is proud to demonstrate its new distributed Strain and Temperature monitoring technologies… read more

Instrumentation of an Airport Bridge in France

Cementys was mandated to enhanced surveillance of two galleries located below an Airport Runway which will operate the aircraft of… read more

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