Cementys Newsletter 2015 – N°3

Cementys Newsletter 2015 – N°3





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Cementys surveille vos infrastructures

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Innovate through Measurements?
From Serendipidity to Open Innovation…

Experimental measurement is a tool for innovation
Fortuitous observation and experimental analysis of real phenomena have brought to us more innovations that any virtual simulations or genius minds, though suggests a Franco-Cartesian education. The word “Serendipidity” summarizes very well the heuristic approach to learn from the “unexpected observable”, initially looking for something else: the discoveries of the phonograph, penicillin, teflon, Post-It, cellophane, among others () were related to chance and of circumstances.
Knowing how to observe and measure gives us the means to innovate … while recognizing the old adage from Pasteur: “In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”

How did ” Open Innovation ” change the game? 
Facilitate serendipity is promote unlikely encounters, exchanges between different sectors and openness to new technologies. Open Innovation, especially R & D collaborations between partners, suppliers, customers, competitors allow businesses to supercharge their exploratory opportunities and to take advantage of the interaction with new expertise and new ideas. Open innovation is also to be aware of its expertise and value in other areas as proposed by the method CK (Concept – Knowledge) developed by Armand Hatchuel at the “Ecole des Mines de Paris”. Thus several large industrial groups such as Airbus deploy “Fab Lab” open to move quickly from the design phase to the prototyping phase and deployment of innovative solutions. They include different populations, age groups and different professions. They also provide a space for meetings and collaborative creation which, among others, to manufacture and qualify innovative products quickly through a testing process and measures.

How the sensors are revolutionizing the use of structures?
The dream of intelligent infrastructures would it be accessible? Innovation clearly requires an open approach between innovative sensors suppliers, integrators, designers and operators.
Whether it is for dams, railways, pipelines, tunnels or bridges, there are now qualified Structural Health Monitoring solutions for the long term, thanks to the contribution of fiber optic sensors.
In other applications, the expected benefits in terms of condition monitoring and risk management warrant to test new fiber optic sensors to extend the area of industrial measurements (low intrusiveness, EM immunity, resistance to hostile environments). Similarly the miniaturization of sensors (fiber optic, MEMS) is a challenge to develop intelligent industrial structures (automotive, aerospace or nuclear).

Through our collaborative seminars “Open Innovation and Measurements” in 2015: Come up with your applications and take home new innovations!!!

Vincent Lamour
Chief Technology Officer

Acoustic Sensing – SensoLux DAS®

Cementys is presenting its new optical fiber product: a vibration detection system.
Composed of a SensoLogger® Rayleigh interrogator and our cable SensoLux DAS® (Distributed Acoustic Sensing), this solution is very interesting to secure your infrastructures: detection of intrusions, cable thefts on railways, terrorist attacks of pipelines etc.  The SensoLux DAS® technology can also be used for the study of vibrational behavior: hearing a leak on a pipe, production optimization of oil wells, seismic characterization of a field, displacement due to thermal effects on electrical lines, etc. Cementys is developing this system, which produces an acoustic measurement every 3 feet over a range of more than 20 miles of optical fiber, and that can be adapted to feat the specific needs of each application.

Montgolfier 2015 – Physics Arts

Vincent Lamour, CEO and founder of Cementys, received March 26 the Mongolfier award 2015 of physics arts.
Presented to the comity by Mr. Cornillault, President of the Comity for physics art at the SEIN (Encouragement Society for the National Industry, France), Vincent Lamour was elected award winner of the physics arts group.
The Mongolfier awards were created to bring attention on rising stars, both companies and people, for it would be in France benefit to make them more famous. Mr. Mousson, president of the SEIN, handed out the Mongolfier 2015 medals in the auditorium where, in March 1895, the Lumiere brothers did the first projection of their invention: the cinema.
More information

Offshore Technology Conference 2015

Cementys will be exposing during the OTC event, happening the 4th to the 7th of mai in Houston, Texas, USA. Come and meet us at our booth 4049F in the French pavilion GEF-AFTP. The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) brings together energy professionals in order to share and improve technical and scientific knowledge involving offshore resources and environmental issues.
OTC is the ideal location for us to present you our latest innovations and applications in the Oil and Gas business. Vincent Lamour (President), Victor Servette (Optical Fiber Engineer) and Diane-Audrey Charmoillaux will be happy to welcome you, answer all your questions and present our models, sensors and demonstrators.
OTC website

Monitoring of stiffeners in a railway bridge

During the works for the enlargement of the Rolleboise tunnel (built in 1841), the SNCF (French railway operator) installed some classic reinforcement stiffeners made of steel… Read more

Impermeability control using multi-frequency Georadar

In February 2014, following a solicitation made by the group “Galleries Lafayette”, Cementys did a diagnosis campaign on the deck located on the 8th level of the store (synthetic grass)… Read more

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