Thermal and hydrometric monitoring

Thermal and hydrometric monitoring

Thermal and hydrometric monitoring
of pre-stressed ground anchors dehumidification

EPR Flammanville

The EPR Flamanville 3 is the first 3rd generation reactor in construction in France. The first commercial production is planned in 2016.

Since mid-2014, Cementys is responsible for the follow-up of the sleeves injection.  These sleeves will be holding the cables needed for the concrete compression of the confinement chamber for the future reactor. Almost 270 cables are distributed in ties inside the inner wall of the building. These are tightened in order to create a force that exceeds one thousand tons per meter. This force is needed to strengthen the wall structure.

Before the injection of cement slurry, a thermal and hydrometric has been made by Cementys. The aim is to prevent a possible corrosion of the cables and to determine the best injection time. Cementys instrumented the sleeves with HydraCap® sensors. These sensors can measure temperature and relative humidity with high precision. In addition, the set up technology is able to detect extreme small temperature and humidity variations.

All the sensors are hooked-up to our data logger THMLogger that automatically acquires the data and sends them to our server for real time remote visualization of the data.

There are numerous benefits for such an installation. In order to maintain a correct level of humidity and temperature, threshold alarms can be set up to increase reactivity of on field teams. This contributes to increase the life expectancy of the structure, therefore contributes to long term security.

EPR Flammanville Graphique


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