Monitoring of the Castle of Chamerolles

Monitoring of the Castle of Chamerolles


Castle of Chamerolles tower and retaining wall monitoring for its integrity management.

In order to establish a Structural Health Diagnosis of the monument, Cementys is monitoring the castle Château de Chamerolles for the local authority Conseil Général du Loiret.

This XVI century monument presents severe structural disorders threating its long-term integrity. It is necessary to know the evolution of the disordered during the time of its restoration, scheduled for several years.

Considering the dispersion disorders on different locations of the asset, Cementys provides an innovative solution of a wireless platform DuraVibRF that allows the wireless acquisition of data from vibrating wire sensors (ClinoVib, CrackVib…). The DuraVib modules are more than 5 years energy autonomous for static measurement every hour. This solution is easy to deploy and low intrusive (no wires). The data are real-time monitored on our logger in order to study them from our display interface THMInsight.

Cementys team is proud to contribute to the conservation of our nation assets.


DuraVib RF-Cementys-web

DuraVibRF : Wireless platform for vibrating wire sensors

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