Citeph project « Smart Riser »

Citeph project « Smart Riser »

citeph-GEP AFTP

Citeph project «  Smart Riser » :
Development of a subsea sensor for riser integrity monitoring


In the context of the development of its activities in Oil & Gas, Cementys proposed a Citeph project in partnership with the Ifremer (a French lab specialized in Marine environment). The project consists in the development of a fiber optic sensor (extensometer) using Bragg Grating (FBG) for riser integrity monitoring.

SmartRiser Subsea

Cementys is pleased to announce that its project was successful and will be financed by GDF Suez and Saipem. GDF Suez, as offshore operator, will allow us to define a system specification reaching Oil & Gas Companies’ requirement. Saipem will bring all its expertise in the installation and monitoring of subsea structure. Ifremer will take care of the sensor qualification in hyperbaric vessel.

The fiber optic is a technology particularly suited for subsea environment.

Our future system will allow us to propose a Riser Integrity Monitoring System more durable, simpler to operate, for a lower global cost. Our “Smart Riser” system will guarantee a higher level of security for the Riser, a critical element of the subsea architecture. 


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